Is mirrorless the worst of all worlds? and FF the best?

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Re: Is mirrorless the worst of all worlds? and FF the best?

CharlesB58 wrote:

First you say,

>Photography is a subtle art and a long learning curve,

Then go on to a list which demonstrates you don't seem to understand your own words.

Can you explain why you find his list contradicts the initial statement?

Was it really necessary to display your own ignorance of the subtlety of photography and the long learning curve just so you can end up with a Canon fanboy "guess what I'm buying! Are you envious?" blurb at the end?

You should have just said "I'm buying a 6D because I can" and left it at that. What a rube.

I honestly do not understand this hate. I mean, 6D is what people used to pay for 10D ten years ago (cheaper if we factor inflation), did anyone think it is showing off to have a 10D?

2000 bucks for a hobby which you are really passionate about isnt really much at all. Most people spend way more than that on an annual overseas trip or their last TV.

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