Between Panasonic GX1 and Olympus E-P3

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Guy Parsons
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ttan98 wrote: ..... No intention to upgrade really also Ep-5 pending, I am happy with the EP-3, just for interest, visited the site, they are now selling EPL-5 for $699 with kit lens. You must have bought yours at a very good price.

...... what's wrong with this posting editor, today I can't get rid of the red when posting !

[Guy speaking]......

I bought body only, regular Digidirect price is $610 ('tis cheaper from Discountcameras) but the week after Christmas had something like store wide 20% off most things plus I had an NZ trip looming, so they accumulated my order (a big one for me) over the next few weeks and by the time they could deliver and they did honour the post Christmas prices, I was within the 30 day window to get my GST back when off to NZ. Also squeezed a couple of the 20% Olympus cashback lenses into that order.

That was the first time I've bought a "new" camera, I usually do wait for the run-down prices. The E-P3 that I got as a warranty replacement for an unfixable E-PL1 is now not used at all, the E-PL5 is so much better for me. I don't regret that "new" purchase at all. I can see me getting a second E-PL5 when prices start down, as the faulty E-PL1 experience left me wary about travel with only one body.

So the lesson for me is to buy camera hardware during Aussie post Christmas sales only and/or just before a OS trip. And the time to buy software downloaded from USA is their November Black Friday period.

Regards...... Guy

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