Need your Opinion, d700 trade

Started Apr 27, 2013 | Discussions thread
yray Senior Member • Posts: 1,644
Re: Need your Opinion, d700 trade

D700 is better in build quality, precision and speed of AF, low light performance, and color reproduction. It is also a pro quality camera all around. D7000 is good overall, but it cannot touch D700. The only reason to choose D7000 over D700 would be if you needed the DX crop factor and pixel density for distance shooting, but then I would take D300 over D7000 any time unless you also need the improved low light performance over D300. You also may not know whether this particular D7000 suffers from the fairly prevalent back-focus problem. So, like the others have said, stick with your D700, it is a quality camera which will last. I actually find that the price of used D700 after D800 introduction to be quite a bit less than it is truly worth. It might be unfortunate if you're looking to sell or trade, but it is a huge benefit for those looking to buy. If I didn't already own a D700, I would buy a used one in a blink of an eye, -- it is just too good all around.

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