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Re: Will you buy if Nikon went crazy high ISO & not MP?

There are plenty of ways that a D400 would/could be differentiated from a D7100, particularly for the action photographer:

  • 8fps
  • Buffer for 20-30 14-bit RAW files
  • Shorter mirror blackout time (gives you better AF when shooting at max fps)
  • D800 AF that both has more advanced algorithm than D7100, but also works to f/8
  • More AF CPU horsepower than the D7100 (like the D3 AF is more powerful than the D700 AF)
  • Compatibility with 10-pin pro accessories
  • Dedicated AF-ON and AE-L buttons (so you can use AF-ON full time and still have AE-L)
  • Larger body style
  • Viewfinder shutter
This camera would be an excellent companion to the D800 because it would look and feel and operate the same, except it would shoot fast.  Also a logical upgrade to any current DX body owner who wants both modern sensor and shoot fast.  If Nikon executes and prices it around $1500, they could sell a lot and it could be another one of those cameras that lasts in the marketplace as a great camera for 5+ years (like the D300 did).
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Now were talking ! This is definitely a possibility, but cost, in my estimation(SWAG really) would be around US$2K. I do like the D7100 extra crop factor and 24MP sensor size. let's hope all the good specs you wrote do get implemented in the D400( my next DSLR).

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