Why Win8 will succeed. Or fail.

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Re: "Pie in the Sky Drive" out here...

Yes, I know how and to what degree I can customize metro and do; I still have it installed on my Asus EP-121 i5 12"  Windows tablet and for a touch UI that is Windows-based, it the only choice - like it or not (Win 7 is touch-enabled too but doesn't really qualify as a modern touch UI). Most of the time I cut over to classic and use my Wacom digitizer pen with it unless I am using it only for casual stuff.

If you read my earlier post I heavily defended Windows 8 - the base OS portion, as excellent, meaning, everything else EXCEPT Metro and have stated many times, like others have, that there was no technical reason why MS couldn't have provided a choice of which user interface, classic or Metro to boot up into and they could have kept the Start button.  Heck, it was a minor hack during the developer's preview to get the Start Button back.  This was purely a marketing gambit on MS's part and now with the forthcoming service pack they'll bring back the choice and probably the Start button too - exactly what I and other early testers begged them to do from the very get go.

What Metro will never be is something as good as desktop UI for business and power users, no matter the degree of adjustment metro allows.  It is a childish interface most people hate it overwhelmingly - not just the business and power users.  First impressions matter - a lot; MS blew that and if you look at surface sales (terrible) and the general opinion of Win 8 (which is really an opinion on Metro), you don't need a usability lab to draw the obvious conclusion.


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