Why Canon need a new sensor with low read out noise

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Re: Why Canon need a new sensor with low read out noise

ak1999 wrote:

zappa1976 wrote:

Very easy,

sell the 5D3 and the 24-70 II and buy a new D800 and 24-70 afs.

You can also to save money!

What's your problem!!??

No problem except for taking a hit when you sell stuffs that you bought new.

I can do much better than that  buy a D800E and use it with Nikon lenses I still have including 24-70

Or I may add a 6D and see if the shadow noise is good enough.

I'm tired of working around my 5D3 shadow noise limitation.

You had both 5D3 and D800 for many months.

You don't like the 5D3 quality and you consider the D800 file much better.

The 5D3 is expensive.

Ok, at the end you sold the D800.

Sorry I don't understand you, do you like to hurt yourself?:-)

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