Why Canon need a new sensor with low read out noise

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Re: Why Canon need a new sensor with low read out noise

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From a photographic perspective, there is no reason to lift shadows here.

I think the contrary. That is nice detail to have.

Only if D800 wasn't that noisy.

that is what you think, not what I think. That noise you saw are easy to remove too. but nothing can be done to 5D3's shadows.

Moreover, D800 here is pretty noisy too, you wont use it for any decent purpose.

Depending on what you mean by decent. I think it is decent enough for a lot of purposes which the 5D3 image would not be fit for.

Decent enough? For what purpose? Yeah, for surveillance footage.

Good enough for me to keep.

You can argue that a car with two wheels is better than a car with one wheel. But in reality, you need a car with four wheels.

Except in this case 5D3 is the car with 2 wheels and D800 is the car with 4 wheels.

If D800 (in this example) is the car with 4 wheels I would rather walk or take a bike.

that is why you are walking while others drive.

I own a D600, I know what I am talking about.

Since when does ownership automatically become the certification of one "knows what he is talking about"? Does that mean those who do not own D600 must have no idea what more DR is all about?

Owning D600 gives me an opportunity to take hundreds of shots side by side in real world. It helps me see things many can't see without owning two systems. So I can say this without relying on other people's opinion and misleading claims:

just because your experience and view is different to other people's does not make theirs misleading. you tend to make very strong claims while actual support is weak.

D600 has cleaner shadows than 5D3 or 6D. (6D is cleaner than 5D3). This can be useful depending on one's shooting style, although I struggled to find any useful scenario.

The inability to find use for a useful tool says more about the user than the tool, does'tn it? tens of thousands of people have bought D800 and D600 for their DR and are happily enjoying the creativity this tools brings them.

When lighting gets tough D600 on its own fails, shadow lifted areas appear soft and noisy (but less than 5D3). In these situations filters or HDR give much better results. When neither can be used, bad luck, both 5D3 and D600 suck.

That is like saying when the road gets so rough that a SUV cannot handle it either , although better than a convertible sports car, it still sucks. Thus you conclude there is no point buying a SUV for rough roads.

We can argue all day without convincing each other. So let me just say this.

Is D600's (or other sony sensor cams) shadow lifting useful? I am sure it is for many. Just because it didn't work for me to the extent I expected, it doesn't mean that others won't be happy with it.

Mikael's example proves that extreme shadow lifting has a long way to go. Nikon is ahead of Canon (good for Nikon users), but far from perfect. Better would be, well, better.

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