Why Canon need a new sensor with low read out noise

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Re: Why Canon need a new sensor with low read out noise

zappa1976 wrote:

Mikael Risedal wrote:

If you know me I have lent my rawfiles to sceptic people many times here at dpreview when I present my comparisons, dont call me troll please
Why mot react over that 1dx are so clean instead?

Sorry but without the raws available...this is a post by a troll.

I am not sceptic. I know very well the quality of the D800. But i know also how work with the CR2. I think you obtained the worse possible from the 5D3 file.

Don't get me wrong, the D800 is much better than the 5D3 in DR. But your 5D3 results is much worse than you can obtain from the cr2. If posts the cr2 and the nef I can prove it.

But I doubt you will link the raws.;-)

you can be  how sceptic you want , do you understand DR? from the whitest to be reproduced before clipping  to the shadows/ lowest levels/ black?

Then take a look at this http://www.sensorgen.info/NikonD800.html and this  http://www.sensorgen.info/CanonEOS_5D_MkIII.html  = explaining signal noise

what does this measurements tell you????? signal and read noise, and banding and pattern noise are not include.

Or this, d600 and d800 the same signal/noise

or this 5dmk3 and d800 and signal / noise

so think what you want, this is facts regarding signal/noise/pattern noise between a Sony /Nikon sensor or a Toshiba/Nikon sensor or a Renesas/Nikon sensor as  in d4 and 1dx

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