storage question: Nikon Transfer and iPhoto/Aperture

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Re: storage question: Nikon Transfer and iPhoto/Aperture

Tone654 wrote:

Dumb question that I've just never gotten around to investigating: I have a Nikon D800 that has rapidly filled my hard drive with giant RAW files. I import from my camera using Nikon Transfer 2, which creates some files in a Nikon folder on my hard drive. Then I import into into a library that is shared by iPhoto and Aperture. I haven't been deleting the old Nikon folders, largely because I like the fact that the files are visible in a normal folder structure, and I'm confident that I can copy/export them to any other place that I might need them. I don't have this confidence about iPhoto/Aperture, since the files are buried somewhere that I don't understand. I have a concern that at some point in the future, if I switch to using different software I won't be able to export the photos, or that iPhoto or Aperture will have somehow messed with the RAW files so that I'm stuck with some proprietary Apple files that aren't usable elsewhere. Is this something I should or shouldn't be concerned about? I've run out of hard drive and the easiest way of freeing some space up would be to delete the Nikon folders.
thanks - I'd appreciate any advice

Both iPhoto and Aperture has an Export feature that you can find under the File Menu. Select what ever files you want to export and select Original as a format and just that will happen, your originals will be exported. Exactly as they came out of your camera. Neither iPhoto or Aperture will ever touch that file.

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