Why Canon need a new sensor with low read out noise

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Re: It would be nice if Canon had a new sensor with low read out noise

Mikael Risedal wrote:

Schwany wrote:

Canon cameras aren't real kind to single frame HDR style post processing. Looks to me like the  additional pixels in the d800 are really helping here as well. Even if the noise was smoother and less violent, the details wouldn't be there in the 5DMkIII image. That's just my unedumacated photographer opinion, which is meaningless.

It will be somewhat interesting to see if the 1DX is really any better for this kind of thing. However, I generally try to avoid reworking a scene this underexposed in the shadows. Nothing wrong with that kind of post processing, I just know it doesn't work with the Canon cameras I own to date.

This is a tuff motive, the lamp is a high light far above 4stops of middle grey and it needs a exposure after the high lights so the high lights can be reproduced with out clipping.

NOW, with a large DR there are less problems to reproduce informations in the lower levels, shadows, with a large DR and with out banding it is even easier, Canon has in theirs cameras less DR 11-11.8 stop compared to 14 stops in Nikon and they have also banding, but 1dx shows suddenly less banding, its means that Canon are not using the ultimate electronics in 5dmk2 5dmk3 etc compared to 1dx. 1dx has about 11.2 stops DR compared to 5dmk3 who has 11 stop DR but also banding

OK, you didn't want to clip the highlights. Totally understandable.

To be honest with you, I seldom pay much attention to all the numbers related to anything having to do with photography. I was an artist before I picked up a camera with any serious intentions. I buy photography equipment I think will work and deal with it. I only care about what is in the frame and what I can do with it from a compositional point of view. Exposure is not rocket science. I don't care about little insignificant pieces of the frame that are dark. There's a lot more to photography and artistic presentation than obsessing about pixels in my personal fantasy world.

It's great that Nikon has figured something out that works well with the Sony sensor. Kudos to Nikon. Canon may or may not respond in a timely fashion, or ever. Not much I can do about it. A 1DX will be on my door step Monday. I already knew it was a banding monster if pushed. But I don't push that much. Maybe a little dodge and burn, and some sharpening, but that's about it.

If Canon does come out with a sensor implementation in the high end that has smoother read noise when pushed 3 stops, I'm not sure I'll be getting that model. I've just about busted my piggy bank, and might just live with the dark shadows.

Enjoy your thread and the responses.

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