Pentax news from a dealer

Started Apr 27, 2013 | Discussions thread
brecklundin Senior Member • Posts: 1,995

that one made me chuckle.  Still, I wanna look at this as a glass half full.  I've been away from shooting for almost a year due to health probs and I see some cynacism but not as much as even just last year.

Of course us longer run Pentaxites can't help but be at least a tiny bit cynical.  After my time away from participating beyond doing a small amount of studio product shooting my eyes tell me, based on what seems just stabilization of the whole company (just a sense no hard info of course) Pentax might have rounded that bend since the aquisition by Ricoh after Hoya's horrible Reign of Terror and marketing spin doctoring.  After that how and anything else seem negative, seriously, Ricoh seems very focused on making Pentax a brand worthy of consideration for all levels of photographers.  Hoya never had any intention of really building the brand they were after Pentax assets beyond the camera division.

Anyway thanks for that creative expression of the underlying cynacism most all of us have.  Very humorous.

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