First shots with new 18-35mm G lens on D800

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Re: First shots with new 18-35mm G lens on D800

steddyman wrote:

Thanks.  The lens is really sharp and I think it is the cheapest of the FX wide angle zooms.

From what I have read the F4 VR lens and the F2.8 lens are not quite as sharp, yet more than twice the weight (and cost).

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Hard to make a direct comparison between the 18-35mm and for example the 14-24mm F/2.8G.
There is a (specific) reason people choose for the faster and bettter build F/2.8 version extreme wide angle lens or the constant F/4 version.

My 14-24mm F/2.8G is extremely sharp in relation to such construction, if it is worth the money depends on your need. for me it is.
I think the 18-35mm is a fantastic lens for it's money...but which lens isn't lately?All comes down to specific characteristics and build but the 'common' image quality of all all lenses are exceptional well. Especially when taking into account that many (most) people use their images for web usage and reducing the file sizes to such extend that it's hard to see anything of it's (specific) quality, all looking good online.


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