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Re: Pentax news from a dealer

anthony mazzeri wrote:

Next year??

It is very likely that they didn't think going the FF route at all, all until the Photokina 2012 (late 2012). Then when others have flooded the market with FFs, and further segmented the market, they have waken up and started seriously thinking about it.

Which is unbelievable, but could be concluded from the Photokina 2012 and CP+ 2013 interviews. I still can't believe they didn't have a contingency plan or something.

And what exactly does the middle ground in compacts and DSLRs mean? What would be a current example?

Their traditional market were advanced amateurs; people passionate about photography. They are the middle ground of photography, so to speak, but not strictly into top pro photography game. To such crowd, Pentax addresses needs quite nicely.

But in digital age, those borders between different user groups are more blurred than ever, and I think addressing the needs of all possible users and attracting as many as possible diverse groups is the only way to be considered a serious market player.

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