Between Panasonic GX1 and Olympus E-P3

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Re: Between Panasonic GX1 and Olympus E-P3

I own an E-P3 and I did own a GX1

I understand that sometimes choices are limited by what's available and how you can fund a purchase (part-ex, local store). So although there are alternatives between the two listed, here are my thoughts

They are both good.

The E-P3 is better built and has a bit better kit lens, The lens I had on the GX1 (the std 14.42 kit lens) was soft.

The 14-42 Olympus and the 12-50 I also have are about the same (so you would choose the 12-50 because of the increased range) in terms of sharpness, both are better than the Panny kit lens.

The GX1 is better in low light and has less noise in the shadows.

The E-P3 has built in image stabilsation, so if you want to use manual lenses then that would be a better choice. It also has a button to help you focus manually. The GX1 has this feature too but it's not as convenient.

I like the buttons on the E-P3 better than the ones on the GX1. For example they both have a thumb wheel but the Oly one is much better.

There is a flash on both, which is good. The GX1 flash tilts upwards for bounce, but neither flash is very powerful. Good for fill in though.

The screen is better on the E-P3

I wouldn't sweat too much over the choice, they are both good. You can't make a poor choice.

I traded my GX1 because I got a great 12-50 lens deal, but the lens has no image stabilsation and neither does the GX1 body. The GX1 kit lens was soft, but the 12-50 on the GX1 was great, albeit the 3.8 to 6.3 aperture meant blurry indoor shots. That was fixed by changing to the E-P3 with the IS built into the body.

Plus when I look back at the dozens of cameras I have had over the years I just prefer the pics I have taken with my Olympus cameras. The E-PL1 and E-PM1 were not for me though, the AF was too slow on the E-PL1 and the E-PM1 just didn't have enough controls (lot's of presses just to delete a photo for example).

The GX1 and E-P3 have fast AF

After all that, just pick what you like. Composition is far more important. You can take a great pic an a £70 camera.

If you want to think about alternatives try a Nex-5N or maybe something SLR style like a Nikon 5000 or a Pentax K20D, older, but still take great pics.

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