SURVEY - Do FT / mFT users know the difference from "full frame"? Replies wanted!!

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If you would rename your equivalence to DOF-equivalence

Great Bustard wrote:

Jon Stock wrote:

It was beaten to death before Joemama was banned the first time.

The only reason to post in the daily equivalence threads is to push them toward 150 sooner.

Name one famous professional photographer from any time period who specialized in really shallow DOF.

The endless pictures posted of a closeup of a meaningless object (for example - a rusty nail in a plank of wood) with really shallow of field is as gimmicky as neon colored HDR.

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  • Equivalence says nothing about shallow DOF being superior to deep DOF, as this is entirely subjective.
  • Equivalence makes no claims whatsoever about which system is superior to another system, especially given that there are so many aspects about systems that Equivalence does not address.

Seems like you missed those parts of the "discussions".

If you would rename your equivalence URL, title and headline to DOF-equivalence, i would less critisize it.

As it stands your equivalence theory name implies aperture and sensor size are the only two parameters which defiine that two cameras with lens are equivalent ( plus perhaps focal length ), despite you agreed to my post above that there are much more parameters.

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