R2000 - ink streaks on reverse of print. Help please.

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Re: R2000 - ink streaks on reverse of print. Help please.

The Smog wrote:

Got my R2000 just a couple of weeks ago - and was delighted until this morning.  But it is my own fault, darnit!  I was experimenting with a custom size paper (greeting card stock), got the settings wrong.  R2000 printed across the edge of the printer laying down some ink inside the body.  (Have now found the driver switch that checks paper size before printing, wish that had defaulted to 'on'!)

Now when I print, I am getting black lines on the reverse of the print.  While this is (maybe!) OK for a print that is going in a mount or frame, its a problem for greetings cards.  Searched web, found something about dirty rollers and have been feeding 100 gsm paper through using the feed button most of the afternoon.  Keeps looking as if sorted, but then I print a card, and more streaks.  Getting expensive on ink and card stock!

The card is A4 (fold to A5) 240 gsm glossy, in the printer upright in the autofeed tray, and the black line (faint, but enough to make the card unsaleable) is about 1" or so in from the left hand edge.

I'd be grateful for any ideas please!



Hello Colin,

Yes you dirtied up the rollers and other areas. If you can match the marks on your Card Stock in relation to the printer, you can use paper toweling wetted with Windex and clean the rollers. You might want to clean it as well as possible and run some "Cleaner" sheets through the printer and then after waiting over night for everything to dry you should be ok.

You might also want to use the Rear Feeder. Set it up in the printer driver and after setting it up for width, insert your card stock, and push it in until the printer rollers grab it and feed it to the correct starting position. The rear feeder is designed for thicker material such as yours.


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