16MP sensor improvements?

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Re: I'll play!

Great Bustard wrote:

Najinsky wrote:

The following image is from my library. It is presented as a 100% crop at 4000 x 3000 and so could have been taken with any 12MP or higher camera. Warning - it also means the file size is rather large, around 4.5MB.

The game, should you wish to play, is to guess/deduce the first three and provide your assessment for the 4th:

1) Which Camera?


2) Which Lens?

Dunno -- but I don't think it matters, for reasons I'll explain shortly.

3) What Aperture?

Dunno, but a pretty small one.  The DOF looks relatively deep and the detail is blurred.  I'll say at least f/11, probably more like f/16, but f/22 would be likely, too.

So, going back to the lens question, at such a small aperture, all lenses are pretty much equal as diffraction softening is dominant.  That is, one lens might be a lot sharper than another at f/4, but by f/16 the differences are trivial, at best.

It was taken with the GF-3 and PL45 at F22.

I agree in principle on the diffraction but I don't think F16 quite levels them. At F16 I think some differences can still be non trivial, particular for very good lenses, for example, 20% higher resolution across most of the frame.


4) What size print (or other utility) is this image good for.

Any size you like.  I have two photos from a 3 MP compact printed and framed at 20x30 inches in my office and no one seems to mind, even though it's painfully obvious to me (I printed them long ago when my standards were lower).

That said, it's a cool pic -- I like it a lot!



a) It is taken with a m43 camera and native m43 lens.

b) Exif has been stripped, nothing to see here, move along.

c) My profile includes all my cameras and lenses as of when I last updated it, so don't look, it's cheating. However, if you do look, bare in mind the following: Sometimes I shoot with other peoples equipment to see how they perform. I also may have bought new equipment and my profile could be out of date. Either way, even if you cheat and look at my profile, I can't promise the equipment used will be shown there.

d) It was shot raw, slightly under exposed and put through my regular workflow for Brightness, Sharpening, Color fine tuning, Contrast and Saturation. It was exported as a high quality JPEG hence the size.

Sunflower Bud


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