Why Canon need a new sensor with low read out noise

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Re: Why Canon need a new sensor with low read out noise

Mikael Risedal wrote:

David Hull wrote:

ultimitsu wrote:

aftab wrote:

From a photographic perspective, there is no reason to lift shadows here.

I think the contrary. That is nice detail to have.

Moreover, D800 here is pretty noisy too, you wont use it for any decent purpose.

Depending on what you mean by decent. I think it is decent enough for a lot of purposes which the 5D3 image would not be fit for.

Yep... either one would be fine for a PI doing survelence work.

You can argue that a car with two wheels is better than a car with one wheel. But in reality, you need a car with four wheels.

Except in this case 5D3 is the car with 2 wheels and D800 is the car with 4 wheels.

Both cars have 4 wheels and will do an excellent job if driven properly by a competent driver, as evidenced by the many races that each car has won.

I own a D600, I know what I am talking about.

Since when does ownership automatically become the certification of one "knows what he is talking about"? Does that mean those who do not own D600 must have no idea what more DR is all about?

Either of these cameras could do a much better job on this shot if they were used properly. We have all seen excellent examples of shots like this using equipment of much less capability than either of these cameras have. Neither camera seems to have the necessary DR to support this image well.

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used properly?

You have to chose with Canon and a motive with large DR /contrast, either expose to resque the high lights with more noise/ banding in the shadows or expose after middle grey and lose reproduction in the high lights, this is DR . 14 stops or 11 with banding

Do multiple shots. It will get you a usable image with either camera -- better SNR in the shadows even with the D800 (which doesn't look that good to me). I know you are trying to prove a point but neither of these images look as good as they could look if you weren't hung up on a single shot approach.  This approach isn't working with either device.

The point is that these photographs look like they do because of your choice of technique, not because of any limitation of the equipment. Limitations of the equipment need not pose a limitation on the photographer and I don't think they do here either.

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