Just published: Our in-depth Nikon D7100 review

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Re: Just published: Our in-depth Nikon D7100 review

KenHanson wrote:

mosswings wrote:


Yes, I know all that. I guess I didn't make myself clear. My question is whether the D7100 does any processing on the data that it outputs as the raw file?

The statement in the review seems to indicate that it may, which contradicts my understanding that the raw files contains the sensor measurements without any processing, except possibly to compress the data.

RAW is never really truly "raw" anymore, just minimally processed.  The sensor measurements are encoded and a lot of low level processing is done on the signal to reduce and balance noise contributions.  Long Exposure NR is an example of this: a dark frame subtraction is done.  High ISO NR is another.

So, this is what I am getting at. I am not sure what "a lot of low level processing" means but it comes close to the question I posed. You mention reducing noise. Is that Noise Reduction, and is it affected by the NR camera setting? What evidence do you have to support your claim?

The reason for my question is there is a general consensus in the community that raw means raw, that is, sensor data are not changed by the camera, except to encode them for output to the memory card.

By "encoding" I suppose you mean changing data format, for example, compression, either lossy or loss-less or changing 14-bit to 12-bit. This process does not change the data in an essential way, because in the computer the data steam will be decoded to reproduce the original data, at least approximately. For me, this process does not alter the original sensor data significantly.

Long Exposure NR is a special function, so it is understandable that the camera has to do some processing on the raw data. Same with the dead-pixel correction that I believe is built into the camera.

My original question was for the EDITORS: what did they mean in their review by "in-camera raw processing"? I thought they could add some definitive information that would be useful in these types of discussions.

I wait to hear from them.

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Ken Hanson

With pleasure, I will wait to hear too.  If you don't hear from the editors on this specific post, it might be a good idea to PM them directly (they rarely interact with forum members), or to look up posts by the following forum members: bobn2, Jack Hogan, Detail Man, Iliah Borg, Marianne Oelund, Thom Hogan, to name but a few.  All have direct experience with this subject and have posted on it in the past.

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