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Re: Service and quality!

Rick Knepper wrote:

leicaman wrote:

I made a HUGE mistake in buying a Nikon D600.  The IQ is fantastic... but the camera was a dustbin from the factory and Nikon customer service what little there is of it is poor beyond belief.

If Nikon had built a well-made D600 and had real customer service then Canon might need to worry but good product support is invaluable when purchasing this type of camera and Nikon just doesn't have a clue.

Not trying to minimize your experience especially since my dust experiences with Canon cameras do not involve straight out of the factory dust, but I just posted the message at this link to a reply below yours in the thread. Check it out beginning at No. 4.

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Hi Rick. I always read and enjoy your posts.

I think some of us are more exacting about some things and some are more exacting about others. We also use our equipment in different ways. So, our mileage on different brands and features may vary. I don't worry too much about dust when I change lenses, but I do want a camera that will work (including focusing accurately) when I pick it up and do so in a reliable way with non-quirky results (e.g. misfocuses, odd skin tones, or grease splattered on the sensor).

For my taste Canon delivers highly competent cameras. Sometimes they innovate (e.g., AF, FF, eye-controlled focus) and sometimes they forego a development that they think is either not ready for prime time or not truly useful to their target user or that creates more problems than it solves. I think this is why they have been in no hurry to introduce a 46 mpix FF, and why when--and actually, if--they do, it will work very reliably and predictably all the way through the photo production process. But my bet is they may not do it soon, and they will market it for specialized use at a high price if they do.

Sometimes Canon may even pull a feature that turns out not to work well enough and that thus constitutes a mistake in their design and product philosophy; this was the case with eye-controlled focus, which never worked quite as well on the EOS-3 as it should have to be fully satisfying to a user.  I think they take this conservative approach to innovation throughout their line and price points. They avoid gimmicks and they avoid stuffing a feature into a camera just to grab some attention.

Thus, their new mirrorless line is well beyond boring, at least so far. But it works reliably and predictably for what it does. Their new mini dslr ff is much more exciting to me, and I think represents this conservative approach to innovation in that it is an attempt to offer what mirrorless cameras offer (mainly small size) in a very reliable way with a complete set of features that are ready to use now (though I love my Sony NEX-7, and if that comes out in FF, watch out).

Canon's design and product philosophy includes innovation, but not at the cost of competence and reliability. For an indication of some of the problems with other design philosophies, which doubtless also have benefits that appeal to many people, take a look at this recent "midterm" report by Ming Thein, link below, on his experiences with the D800/800E. But Canon fits me well in terms of what I look for in a camera.

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