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Re: YES! Re: Consider selling E-M5 for E-P5?

highwave wrote:

dylanear wrote:

When did DPR start automatically editing white space?? And how did you get proper paragraph formatting, Highwave??? I hate that on FB and now it's catching at other sites?! Boo!!!! What's next? Forced spell check? Mods approving all posts before they appear??

No idea. All I do is type normally and it works fine. Maybe you're using Mac operating system? or slates and pads? Those things act up on me. But never a normal PC. And I'm running windows 8 which is fine.

Windows 7, Chrome browser as I've used for years. Hmmm???
I do use Android tablets, phones. Can try Firefox or IE and see if there's a difference. 
No big worries, and I'm off topic I suppose.

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