should I upgraded to D700?

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Re: should I upgraded to D700?

I went from D70s to D200, then D300, then D700, now D800.   Only one I've sold so far is the D70s (to a friend who needed a camera).

My wife still uses a D80, exclusively with 18-200vr.

There will be a significant jump in low light performance from the D90 to a D700.    There will be a noticeable drop in depth of field with any lens at the F-stops you are used to.    If you have DX lenses, you'll not really want to use them on the D700, though you could.  (DX crop only gives you about 5mp).

The controls will take a bit of getting used to (perhaps) because you don't have scene modes, just P, A, S and M.   If you don't shoot jpg's out of camera with scene modes, then you won't have that learning curve.

The camera will be bigger and heavier, but you should quickly get used to that.

Your long lenses won't seem nearly so long.

Depending on lenses you have, they will have a completely different character on FX than DX.   Some will not seem to 'fit' as well, others will seem better.

The sensor IQ is definitely an upgrade - but that isn't saying that FX is definitely an upgrade from DX, just different for different types of shooting.    I got FX for low light performance, and I'm happy there.   On the other hand, my DX rig is more portable (wide zooms are smaller), has more reach, and is cheaper.   (I used to carry a D300 and D700, but I really only used the D300 for wildlife once I got the D700.)

I think the low light performance of a D90 is just a bit better than a D300.   A couple of years ago I put up some high-ISO shots I'd taken from each camera to show a bit how well they performed for me.   Not a test, just some representative shots.   You can see them here:

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