16MP sensor improvements?

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GF-3 / OM-D Shoot-out

This is the scene, shot with both the GF-3 and OM-D using the PL45/2.8 at a range of Apertures, to test both resolution differences and the impact of diffraction:

Just to put the crops in context, not examination resolution.

I'll be posting a small crop of the scene, like this:

OMD - F8ns

The crop has been enlarged to 600% to clearly show the differences in detail and is then uploaded as a PNG to avoid introducing JPEG compression artefacts. Bare that 600% in mind as things turn ugly, it's severely exaggerated to make it easy for you to see. I'll post a more meaningful 200% crop at the en to put it in context.

The above is not sharpened. But in order to recover detail as diffraction kicks in, I put the images through NIK RAW pre-sharpener to recover as much detail as available. I tried to keep the settings consistent for each comparison, but in general, the GF-3 needed more sharpening to get the detail.

To keep down the number of images in this thread, I'll only upload the sharpened versions, but I can subsequently post the versions without sharpening if someone wants to look at them.

Here we go, F8, the sharpened version of the above:


GF-3 F8s

Pretty clear the OM-D is having two lunches today.

OMD- F11s

GF3 F11s

Both image suffering a little diffraction, OM-D still noticeably better.

OMD F16s

GF3 F16s

GF-3 needed some extra sharpening as some fine details were lost. The wavy lines in the backdrop were recovered at the expense of introducing some grain, but the vertical line details in the parasol have been lost.

OMD F22s

GF3 F22s

Now it was OM-Ds turn to have the additional recovery process as well. Wavy lines mostly recovered but vertical lines in parasol now lost on the OM-D too. Wavy lines on the GF-3 shot now lost too, although when you know they are there you can get a hint of them in the grain.

So it seems pretty clear the OM-D keeps a clear lead up to F16. At F22 some of the lead has been erroded by diffraction but is still picking up more detail.

At least, that's how I read it, what's your take?

Finally, remember these are 600%. To put it in context, heres's a more representative (of the image textures) larger crop at 200%

OMD F22 200%


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