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Re: YES! Re: Consider selling E-M5 for E-P5?

dylanear wrote:

highwave wrote:

So far I struggle to see why a viewfinder is a must. Sure I use it in case of extremely bright light (sun right straight behind you), or when tracking motion, or when using a very long focal length. But still overall I can't see where this "must" claim is coming from.  I would say a tilting LCD screen is a way bigger must than a viewfinder as I find myself using that more often than the viewfinder.

Don't get me wrong, I do like a VF and find them useful. just on MFT for my personal style of use I think an optional add on will work best. I only use the VF on the E-M5 maybe 20% of the time, but I DO use it. If I swapped back to a non VF model, and especially if the new add on EVF is of higher quality then the E-M5's VFs now, I will want the add on. 
     But MFT is not my only system either. I rarely use Live View on my D800e or D300, those optical viewfinders are SO much bigger and clearer than the E-M5s EVF. I find it hard to judge critical sharpness, focus, and tonalities on the EM-5 EVF and have better luck using the LCD. So it depends on what and how I'm shooting, and the quality of the VF/LCD available. There is no ONE answer to this debate for everyone. 
     It's funny too, because when I first got the E-P1, my first camera with no VF, it took months before I stopped instinctively holding the thing up to my eye!!! It was embarrassing!  LOL!
     If MFT was my only camera and the EVF resolution was better I might find it worth it to have the VF built on. But since for me MFT is my "portable, on the go, carry around at all times" system AND because an add on EVF is available, I think I might prefer a not built in >IF< it adds bulk and a large snag to the body shape. If they could fit one in a PEN without making it much bigger or adding a large snag prone lump, still have a pop up flash, that would be best of both worlds!!!

Never had the chance to look into those so called "bright" full frame VF. I really want to. So I can see what people are talking about when they complement them. A lot do complement them. I had a huge dislike for Optical View finders. That's why I stayed away from SLRs until mirrorless came along. But having said that I never tried FF OVF. Maybe I would have liked that.

I think there is a certain degree of "legacy" preference here. People who use to shoot through VFs feel more the need for it. While people who started out in the digital world using only LCD are less inclined to to use VFs.

I would roughly say I use EVF/LCD at a rate of 30/70.  EVF for bright light, action, saving battery, and long zooms. LCD for odd composition angles, touchscreen focusing, and all general hots.

I can't say the E-P5 us good without the EVF. Even the add on will make it big and defeat the purpose. I wish they did something more inline with the Sony NEX6 and Fuji X-E1. My wallet will be happy. I'll just wait until they decide to come up with those formats. Until then, the OM-D is a champion like it impressed me so deeply today.

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