Pentax China Confirms FF DSLR and Pro APS-C body

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Proof is in the interviews

Alex Sarbu wrote:

Nice story.

Lack of such business wisdom, or insight, can be seen as obtusity. Which means, if Pentax started to think about the FF in late 2012 only,

Now, that's a big assumption you're making. What makes you think it's even remotely true?

A company like Pentax would have several projects being developed "in the background", even though they're not scheduled to become/be incorporated in marketable products, for the time being.

During the CP+ 2013 interview, few months ago, the head of Pentax system camera development said that prior to Photokina 2012, he personally doubted Pentax will do a FF . But then, during the CP+, he said that works are in progress.

According to him, after the Photokina 2012, he believes, and other team members, that Pentax should make an FF.

That interview then better explains a total reluctance to talk anything FF during the Photokina 2012 interview. During the Photokina 2012 they talked nothing, totally avoided the question. But few months later and they talk something, in fact, confirm with more determined phrasing. It's not "we are exploring ..." but "yes, we are working on it ...". Is that a coincidence, or the Photokina FF flood was a wake up call?

The interview is available on the YouTube too.

So this is the closest to solid evidence. I truly would like company and its photography philosophy to succeed, but I was startled when I heard this.

That's not an excuse, that's a fact; and it's funny how you call facts "excuses", yet insist on following blind assumptions.

As said above, not blind assumptions. I was relying on words from Pentax execs from various interviews — although they don't reveal everything, they do reveal at least something.

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