Any thing wrong with using AF-C permanently?

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Mako2011 wrote:

cwsiggy wrote:

Ok, I must be missing something real simple but why would you ever want to implement something that causes one to have to press 2 buttons instead on just one?

Because I can focus and not have VR draining the battery or making noise if I choose to. Also, VR can make you sea sick at times so when I shoot hummingbirds at 200mm I often prefer pre-exposure VR off while the image itself is benefited from VR at the time of capture.

Why not just learn to half depress the shutter release button and keep it half pressed to recompose?

See above

rather than having to press the AF ON button and then release the shutter.

You get all the benefits of focus-recompose in AF-C

Yes- I'm new to owing a D7100, but clearly I seem to be missing something here...

It takes time and practice to notice/understand many of the benefits. Most who get used to and good with back-button focus, never go back to shutter release focus.

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and thank you... couldn't figure out how to quote both and thank all at once.. lol

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