Canon 300 HS has a 10 minute video limit @ 1080p

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Re: Canon 300 HS has a 10 minute video limit @ 1080p

On page 30 of the Canon 300hs manual in the shooting chart graph it states that for a 4GB memory card the approximate shooting time is approximately 14 minutes 34 seconds and that for a 16 GB memory card it is approximately 59 minutes 40 seconds at default auto settings. However, below that in a note, it states that the maximum clip length is approximately 10 minutes. The way I understand that is that you can store up to about 14 minutes of video on a 4GB card or 59 minutes on a 16 GB card, but that each video clip on the card is limited to no more than about 10 minutes.  With other cameras, such as the Canon T2i, the clip limit is set at just under 30 minutes. This is a firmware limitation because EU tarifs on camcorders are higher than on cameras. The card limit depends on resolution and compression factors - for 4GB cards it's somewhere around 11-14 minutes, with larger cards it's longer, up to the FAT 32 limit of 4GB per file.

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