Which prime lens would be your pick in the 28-35mm range?

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Re: Which prime lens would be your pick in the 28-35mm range?

I am looking for a prime lens in the 28-35mm range for my Canon 6d  as a walk-around for reportage and landscape work (I would also like to include the Zeiss distagon 25mm f2 in the list even if it's a bit too much on the wide side).

I was looking into Canon, Sigma and Zeiss (no AF is not a major issue and I am aware of field curvature with some lenses as the Zeiss 28mm f2).

Canon 28/2.8 IS

Canon 35/2 IS

Sigma 35/1.4

Zeiss distagon 28/2 or 35/2 (in case even the 25/2)

Which would be your personal choice?

My personal choice, Zeiss 35/1.4 is not on your list. The lens has excellent bokeh and typical Zeiss micro-contrast stopped down and therefore is great for both people photography and landscape. Compared to the aforementioned 28/2 ZE and 35/2 ZE it has notably less CA, vignetting and field curvature. It is also bigger.

I think all your options are great and it only depends on wether size is important and if you prefer speed (useful for available light people photography) vs. IS (useful for handheld landscapes) and if you need specific rendering similar to your other lenses.

Do you think that the new IS prime lenses from Canon - 28mm IS and 35mm IS - together with the Sigma 35mm 1.4 can provide a quite similar micro-contrast and rendition as the Zeiss lenses?

Not quite similar, no. These lenses have different rendering.

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