Fuji Prices Are Too High.

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Re: Economics 101

Perhaps the OP feels that the Fujis are overpriced for the same reason I feel all mirrorless cameras are overpriced:  they cost less to make than DSLRs, aren't as good as DSLRs but generally cost considerably more than the first couple of rungs of DSLRS?

I have a NEX 3 and NEX 5n and a Panny G3 and used to own a G1 and a GF1.  I think they are all decent cameras, with the G3 the best of them but none of them are as all round competent as a cheap DSLR like a 450D (which I also have).

I understand the appeal of small interchangeable lens cameras and I'm fine with a decent EVF but I do feel the mirrorless segment is still a generation to two away from reaching maturity - and that will include bring prices down to at least that of comparable DSLRs.

I'm sure mirroreless will eventually become commodities like DSLRs and then price will have to reflect the spec and performance of the camera rather than the fact that "it's one of the those new and interesting mirrorless thingies so I don't mind paying over the odds".

I feel the same about "high end compacts". I have an X10 which I consider a beautiful camera but I felt that at over £500 it was too expensive. A small sensor compact that costs more than most DSLRs + kit lenses? Really?  The x10 design makes it the best digital compact I've seen by a mile but it is still a long way from perfect and very much overpriced.  I got mine at the firesale price after the X20 was announced and I feel that at that price it was an excellent buy.  I could have paid the full price but it didn't feel value for money to me. I sensed an element of "rip off". Great little camera though.

I'm interested in the X1 Pro and the XE1 but for all their virtues, they still seem quite high priced for what you get and not as polished as you would want for that money...

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