Pentax China Confirms FF DSLR and Pro APS-C body

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il_alexk wrote:

Alex Sarbu wrote:

steephill wrote:

What sort of commercial signal would Pentax be sending if it adopted the very small niche Leica mount ahead of it's own K mount? Doesn't make any sense at all. What should matter is maximum compatibility with their existing customer base. Canon was big enough to get away with it (dumping FD for EOS), Nikon hasn't dared and changing mounts effectively killed Contax. Pentax won't do this.

Just a theory, just a theory... I hope I haven't offended anyone here, have I?

Having impractical ideas is different than being offensive

Canon did it in different times, and they had to (in order to introduce electronic contacts and AF). Nobody changes their mount with no good reason.

In this case, going for the old, manual focus, longer than other MILC mounts Leica M would do no good; it's worse than e.g. Sony E to adapt other brands' lenses, it's ancient, it's niche. Pentax would gain nothing, but would lose a lot by screwing up their customer base (which is K-mount).

I am curious if you could shed more light on the following two questions:

  1. How releasing both Leica and Pentax mounts at the same time screws up their customer base? I do understand that this may cause some anger with Pentax fanboys, but talking about normal customers, why do they care about having more than one option?
  2. If supporting both mounts does hurt feelings of some loyal Pentax clients, why do you think Ricoh Pentax Ricoh-Pentax still sells GXR cameras?

What do we have here... a strawman with a hint of ad hominem?

You weren't talking about "releasing both Leica and Pentax mounts at the same time". You were talking about adopting an old, manual focus, no electric contact, niche rangefinder mount, while the K-mount users would have to use K-mount adapters (which would somehow have full compatibility and be completely "free", I presume )

What you failed to understand is that supporting a niche mount like Leica M would only benefit to some of the Leica M users, and that nothing is free.

But go ahead, hide behind words like "fanboys" and snide remarks like "hurt feelings". It's better than accepting your idea might be impractical, right?

No manufacturer would go to such lengths just to facilitate usage of competitors' lenses; indeed, Pentax won't do this.

There is actually one manufacturer that is already doing this for years. Let's see f you can guess its name ;). Click here if you can't.

It's not the same; there is no Ricoh mount and lens line to compete with the Leica's.

Another thing which IMHO doesn't make sense is to start a dedicated mirrorless system with a highly expensive, low volume FF camera. It's difficult enough with the K-mount, where they already have a dozen or so of FF-compatible lenses, and components can be more easily shared with the APS-C counterparts.

Agree, but I haven't seen a better theory explaining how the FF camera from Pentax will be unique. Other than shaping it into the yellow brick, of course.

You're reading too much on that "unique" thing - when it's most likely about market positioning and feature set, rather than doing something unlike anything before (the camera market is quite conservative, after all).

In fact, making a M-mount FF is definitely not "unique", as Leica is doing it for years.

But, as I said, this is just a speculation, only time will tell...

There is no reason to play wait and see for every unlikely idea.

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