"Equivalence" demonstrated: Canon 5D and Panasonic GX1

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Re: Are you kidding me?!

walkaround wrote:

Great Bustard wrote:

All you've demonstrated is that the GX1 has a more efficient sensor than the 5D, and that the predictions of Equilvance are exactly as stated.

So, that's an epic fail on your part.

The problem mr bustard is that you pick a definition of "equivalent" for two photographs that incredibly does not include exposure which is the basis of photography. From your website essay:

"Equivalent photos are photos of a given scene that share the following five parameters:

•  Perspective •  Framing •  DOF •  Shutter Speed •  Display Dimensions

Equivalent images on different formats, by definition, will not have the same exposure, and this is the source of most all resistance to the concept."

(my emphasis)

You should have wrote "by my definition", because I can't imagine there are very many people outside of this forum who believe that two photos two stops apart in exposure are in any way "equivalent", and you choosing to define it such just makes your definition irrelevant. The resistance to your "concept" that you note is because it doesn't make sense.


And if you are now claiming that the GX1 sensor is 4x more efficient than the 5D, please post a source for that information because I think it's nonsense.

Your definition of equivalent image makes no sense at all.  The DOF is completely different in the 2 images you took.  How can they be equivalent?  Isn't the point of photography to produce an image with particular characteristics, namely composition, angle of view, DOF, and blur (or lack thereof)?  How can 2 images be equivalent if they have different DOF?  That's a fundamental trait of a photo and altering it results in a different image.

Also, why would you compare a very old FF sensor against a much newer m4/3 sensor?  That's as far away from apples to apples as you can possibly get.  I promise you that if I compared my E-M5 to my 5DIII at ISO 3200, the 5DIII would be obviously cleaner.  Flawed experiment resulting from a flawed understanding of equivalence.  You don't have to like equivalence, but if you're going to argue about it at least make sure you understand it.

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