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Re: SlimBrowser

filibuster wrote:

Just started trialling SlimBrowser as an alternative to IE10 and after configuring it to my liking, I have to admit I find it an extremely enjoyable browsing experience with no hiccups thus far on my win 7 machine. The only thing I miss is a % status indicator after zooming which I have only found on IE.

I just wondered if any of you out there have had long term experience with it, and thus discovered any shortcomings that have turned you off it and made you revert back to your previously favoured browser.

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filibuster (Bromsgrove, Worcestershire, UK)

Meh.. I tried it out and was very happy with the speed.. for about 5 minutes.. then, as I was browsing around different sites - I experienced the same slowdown and freezes that firefox experiences... its not the browser nor the PC - its the sites themselves.  They are now so loaded down with ads, comment engines, dynamic scripts and what not - that it takes foreever at times just to load some simple text on the screen so I can read the page!

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