Which prime lens would be your pick in the 28-35mm range?

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Re: Huh?

ed rader wrote:

I figure my next camera is 3-5 years in the future the sigma may need to be rechipped or something by then and the new canon lenses are optimized for my current camera (5d3).


Interesting read.

I really am amazed by how few misses I get anymore.  like I said I did rent the sigma and the only things I did not like about it were size, weight and sigma. I prefer canon lenses.

I have had the 5dIII for about 4 months or so.  Unfortunately, the lens I had the most issues with on my 5dII gives me inconsistent results on my 5dIII - the 50L.

All my other lenses don't give me a problem and the Sigma 35F.14 Art has been very accurate on my 5dIII.  I am still trying to figure out what going on with the 50L, and its a bit of a pisser because that was one of the main reasons I upgraded and the 50L is one of my favorite lenses.

I agree with you on the Sigma's weight and size.  I wish I had an F1.4 35mm as sharp as the Sigma in a package the size of the Canon 35F2 - but I know that cannot happen.  For me the choice was for F1.4, and I have other lenses like the 40mm pancake and 24mmF2.8 IS for a lighter smaller set up.

Canon has done a nice job with its recent lenses, but it would be nice if they were a bit cheaper.  I paid about $650 for my 24F2.8IS and honestly I think this should go for more like $500 and the 35F2IS should be priced a bit higher - but eventually less than $600 IMOHO.  Hope time solves that issue.

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