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Pentax news from a dealer

Just been into my local Pentax pro centre to buy a D-BG4 grip for my recently acquired K5 and was chatting to a couple of the staff.  They were saying that they're really noticing a difference with the Pentax company nowadays:

1.  The sales reps are much more visible - the Pentax guy has been at the store twice in two weeks

2.  The products are superb and better built than the equivalent competitors with some really superb quality features

3.  They told me that the rep informed them FF would be next year and compatible with K mount - other than that he wouldn't be drawn.  What they did say was that when they tried to probe the rep about what's coming down the pipe' he just sat there grinning like a cheshire cat actually trying not to smirk but he basically indicated that there are several things coming down the pipe in the near future that are going to blow the public away.  The rep apparently said that in recent years Pentax had become a niche player but with Ricoh backing they were going to be reclaiming the middle ground of photography in both the compact and DSLR arenas.  In short he indicated Pentax are serious about getting back to being back where they were in the film days.

Personally I don't think this is impossible if they can offer better built cameras which undercut the competition.  In the film days Pentax cameras sold in their millions because they felt beautiful in the hand, offered excellent features, were cheaper than Nikon and more compact and portable than either Canon or Nikon.  Nowadays I reckon their advantages are:

Far better built than rival brands (feel beautiful in the hand), weather sealed unlike the competition, are cheaper than both Nikon and Canon and remain more compact and portable than Nikon and Canon.  The reasons I bought the K5 over the D7000:

Metal build compared to plasticky

More compact than Nikon - you can make a camera bigger with a battery grip, you can't make it smaller though

Faster FPS than everything except Sony (handy for catching kids in action)

Price/value for money

Image quality - according to independent tests better than all the competition at the price.

In body stabilisation

Legacy lens compatibility

Lenses generally cheaper than Canon/Nikon

Finally I rather enjoy going against the grain and supporting an underdog!

I actually think even without the forthcoming releases as somebody who only had one lens from Pentax worth keeping so could have switched system with relative ease I still reckon the Pentax was the only one I really fell in love with and I bet I'm not alone.  They're built like a Leica/D4 - just amazing cameras!!

My only beef is the rip off pricing in the UK for the lenses.  As an example I want to buy the Pentax 12-24mm and it's £799 in the UK.  It's £470 for crying out loud even on the high street in the US which is about what I would pay for the Sigma 10-20mm.  I'm lucky I have a Brother in New York and I think he might just be bringing me over a 'present'!!  In all honesty if the difference in price was say £470 in the UK and perhaps £570 equivalent in the USA then I would buy from the UK but I'm just not prepared to pay nearly double, in fact it's not just a case of not being prepared to - I really can't afford to pay £800 on a lens, I'm struggling to justify £470!

It's time for the British middlemen and retailers to stop fleecing us...

Incidentally the D-BG4 has made the K5 feel like a very serious pro level camera indeed - it just feels so right in the hand.


Nikon D7000 Pentax K-5
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