"Too busy making shots to notice"

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Re: "Too busy making shots to notice"

tkbslc wrote:

I just read these two lines in a little writeup on a blog about someone traveling with just a single camera and one prime lens.

"Did I miss some shots because of the limited gear?

Probably… but I don’t know for sure because I was too busy making shots to notice."

For some reason they struck me as profound.   Discuss if you wish.

Someone named Peter wrote the note, and the camera and lens he used was a Leica M9 with 50mm Summilux ASPH.  With such a combination I know that I wouldn't miss any shots that I cared about.  Over the years, and after accumulating a wide variety of lense for various cameras, I've come to realize that the only shots I want to take are those I can take with a normal lens.  A normal lens gives images what a DPReview article called "natural-looking perspective" in which "the apparent sizes and spatial relationships between image elements appear natural, and much as they did in real life."  That's what I got all the time from a TLR and its fixed, normal lens; that's also what I got from my first SLR and its 50mm kit lens.  It's all I want now, and it's what I get from all my digital cameras, whether through a normal prime lens, a zoom always left at the normal focal length, or compact zoom cameras programmed to always extend to a 50mm equivalent upon start-up.

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