Monitor Choice, Graphic Card, etc... :(

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Re: Monitor Choice, Graphic Card, etc... :(

Clueless Wanderer wrote:

Just stay clear of the  Dell UltraSharpTM  U2410 Monitor. I sent 3 of these back.. Yeah "Pro colour", YEAH RIGHT! It may do the gamut but it has a green through to magenta cast going across the screen. This was after a full weekend with 4 different kinds of calibration software and a colourimeter. I was just so over it I spent 4 times more than I should and got an Eizo to be done with it.
  People who own NEC screens seem to like them..

Oh and the wide gamut.. I opted for a wide gamut screen, simlar attitude to you, but in doing so I had to buy another (more expensive) calibrator because my other one couldn't do the wide gamut.
After all the outlay, I now have this sweet looking set up with super rich colours for gaming but when Im editing I flick the monitor over to sRGB.
I edit in adobe 1998 and embed the file. I send Images for print to a lambda that is printing in Adobe 1998 and the prints come back slightly more vibrant than my sRGB calibrated monitor setting. My point? You dont need an adobe 1998 gamut screen for editing, It makes the colours more 'neon' looking, for the want of a better description.. But man, Those Adobe 1998 Colours when gaming are mindblowing..  

My 2410's perform flawlessly and calibrated just fine w/Colormuki. I have 58 of them. One died after falling off a desk and on another the buttons gave out (warranty replaced).

If you go wide gammut, then calibration becomes more critical, as does brightness v/ambient light.

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