Canon is no. 1 for 10 straight years

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Re: Bodies come and go, lenses stay...

...and I dont have much experience of Canon below 35 mm. I owned the 17-40L but really did not like it and sold it after a short time. Otherwise I think the ordinary consumer enjoys the somewhat cheaper Canon glass. There is really good quality in some reasonably priced Canon glass Like the 85/1.8 and 100 mm macro, not to speak about the 50/1.8. Much of the Canon glass for FF is cheaper and better than my m43 gear.

Rick Knepper wrote:

MrScorpio wrote:

In my view, it is the glass which is the strength of Canon. I am always surprised when people speak of shifting systems because of a camera body. The glass is what you are stuck with and really buy into.

I'm curious about this comment (against the backdrop that I am unfamiliar with any Canon lens longer than the 200/f2.8 II). It's long been common knowledge and my personal experience that Canon UW and UWA lenses were weakish in outer zone performance and there are gaps in the prime lineup. Recent releases are changing that there's still work left to be done.

By the way, I totally agree with your premise and IMO another good reason to consider using both brands (if one is so inclined to tote two cameras to begin with which I am).

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