Grim future for the camera makers?

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Re: Grim future for the camera makers?

gloaming wrote:

I would guess that something like 60% of all camera purchases are by people who would rather carry all the capability they ever squeeze out of their cameras in a smaller package called a cellphone.  The beauty is that, while they wait for feedback from their sent images, they can text someone else about meeting them for dinner.  What's not to like?  And who would want to text with a three pound door-stop slung around their neck or slapping against their hip bones or belly?

I expect to see the demise of two or three camera makers, or maybe some corporate mergers first...then their demise.

Really though I'd argue the market has already adjusted to this change, phone cameras largely replaced basic compacts by 2-3 years ago and even before that the margins on lower level compacts were much smaller.

The whole era when compacts really drove the market was IMHO a bit of a blip in the history of photography that was never going to last, since then the market has returned to something closer to the days of film with higher end users bringing in more profit.

I'd argue that todays market might if anything be a bit friendlier to multiple manifacturers if only because its more diverse. The era were compacts and DSLR were the only two options that everyone was shoehorned into is over and were now seeing a heck of alot of products between the two catering to smaller userbases. The overall pie might be a little smaller but its likely to be sliced many more ways than it was in the past.

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