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Great post, nice pictures, good discussion, and lovely models!

I found the discussion of this issue (how much PP "pop" is too much) very interesting. On the one hand, photos like the 2nd one certainly "pop" more and catch the eye -- especially when you view the two side by side, it's hard not to see the first as "flat" by comparison.

On the other hand, it is easy to go too far, and I've grown to hate the "Instagrammed" super-saturated fake look that I see a lot of friends posting these days. I mean, you can aim your camera at anything random and boost clarity and vibrance to +100 and get something eye-catching, but that doesn't mean it's a good or interesting photo. And to me they all start to look the same, and don't even look like real photos anymore.

But most of us certainly agree that some amount of PP (done well) certainly improves an image. For example, I think photo #1 is much better than the unprocessed original. And I think it would have looked great viewed alone -- it's only when viewed next to #2 that makes it look flat in comparison.

I struggle with this myself, because my instinct is to be more drawn to the 2nd photo and to go for a similar effect when processing my images. Of course, it's not a "level 1 or level 2" thing, but an infinite amount of variation in between. So I generally try to increase "pop" until it just starts to look "fake" to me, then bring it back down a notch.

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