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gollywop wrote:

Great Bustard wrote:

OK -- good stuff!  I have two followup questions:

  1. Are there monitors and printers that do PPRGB?  If so, what do they cost? 
  2. What role does the paper the photo is printed on play in all this?

I think (but am not 100% positive) the most ambitious gamut for monitors is NTSC, which is a bit wider than Adobe RGB. That gamut is, I think, supposed to be the best that a CRT can produce.  I know there are supposed to be monitors that are NTSC, but they are in the thousands.  I've never really looked that direction.

And, if you're going to go in that direction, you want more than just the monitor.  You've got to control the room ambient lighting to a fare-the-well and do the monitor calibration taking it into account.

sRGB is about 72% of NTSC and the decent wide-gamut LCDs available today get upwards of 95-98%, and pretty well encompass Adobe RGB.

NTSC is only about 54% of LAB, whereas ProPhoto RGB is 91%.

As to papers, wow!  They can differ in so many ways that one doesn't know where to start.  Decent glossy papers (I love Red River) have some of the best reflectance and can provide the best reflective DR.  But different glossy papers also differ in how well they take inks, etc.  Many people forgo DR for artistic effect and love to use matte and other textured papers.  And, then, of course, there are major differences in pigment vs. dye inks.

That's why it's so important that, when printing, you use a printer profile that is matched not only for the printer but the paper.

Many thanks for another great post!

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