"Equivalence" demonstrated: Canon 5D and Panasonic GX1

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Re: What you have demonstrated is not what they mean by equivalence

JosephScha wrote:

In your pictures you made exposure the same, and (therefore) depth of field was different. That is meaningful, maybe even more intuitive, but it is not what the people you are aiming at mean by equivalence. Once I understood that I was more happy to let them mean whatever they want. . . My intent here is just to ask you to allow them their definition, and if it's not what you care about that is OK

That sounds reasonable.  Words can have more than one meaning, and even dictionary definitions of words change as popular usage changes.

While I'm writing:
3. Exposure only means total light hitting the sensor. Everything after that is "brightening". I a really like that, the only problem is general usage. Even the top slider in ACR is labelled "exposure" when it's clearly iso adjust, or brightening.

I'm probably stuck in traditionalism, but "brightening" really sticks in my craw.  Then again, I don't use ACR and want to avoid post-processing as much as possible.  I choose an exposure (shutter speed/aperture combination) according to how I want the image to look, but that choice is also determined by the intensity of the light falling on the scene as well as by the sensitivity (or sensitivity setting) of the material, whether film or digital sensor, that I'm exposing the light to.  With a digital camera, shutter speed, aperture, and ISO can all be changed at will, and all affect the brightness of the image I get out of my camera, so the "exposure triangle" concept is quite workable and has helped many make better sense of how their exposure choices, including ISO setting, affect their final result.  Some in the "equivalence" camp seem intent on eradicating the exposure triangle concept, but they also should be willing to allow others their own definitions and ways of working with their equipment.

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