My Fuji HS50EXR Review

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Re: My Fuji HS50EXR Review

4ever wrote:

hi joms from France, I "read" your long review (long for me to decrypt, due to my uncertain english scholar practice, and my pity bad knowledges of photography technical etymology). Nevertheless, i was - I am deeply nterested !

I just come back from India where some gangsters robbed my Panasonic FZ28 and a Fuji X10. So now I quickly need to buy a new camera,. Quickly because in 2 weeks I'll depart from France to a one month trip in Morocco . I just know that my new camera will be a bridge with a superzoom, that's sure.

At first, I was hesitating between 3 models - CANON Powershot SX50 HS - SONY DSC-HX300 -- FUJI SL1000. Now no one of them satisfies me completely: I 've seen a french topic comparing the Fuji SL1000 to the HS50EXR : the advantage was for the HS50EXR. Another webnaut said that the Sony HX200 was much better than the new HX300. Bad advice too about the Canon SX50 compared to the old SX40... And me lost in an ocean of doubts ! Gnawed by the need of a camera and lthe ack of time, I really need you help me choosing.

I understand you appreciate the HS50EXR. Please Joms, can you confirm your advice compared to the 3 cameras I was beforehand thinking about ? Don't worry to give me a drastic answer : I have no more time to hesitate, your quick answer will carry weight for me and for your answer, in advance I thank you.

Jean-Pierre, La Rochelle (west Atlantic coast), France

Hiya Jean,

First of all, welcome to FTF and thanks for dropping by. If money is not a problem to you, I can assure you that HS50 is really worth it. The mere 200mm EFL advantage of the SL1000, SX50 and HX300 are all overshadowed by tremendous features of the HS50. If you like to shoot planets or very distant bird (for IDing) or more often shoot birds on a feeder or zoo only then by no means any of the 3 motorized superzoom will deliver coz it only needs reach and not speed. But if you also care for fast shot-to-shot time and blazing AF and love the excellent handling from manual zoom and love to shoot using EVF and still want that reach, there is no other cam out there within the segment but HS50. X-S1 is an exception (on ergo, handling and high ISO) and more like a niche camera only.

Among SL1000, SX50 and HX300, SX50 has the best IQ and HS50 is comparable to that as seen on my SX40 vs HS50 comparisons. So really no point in choosing any of them unless you are short of money and doesn't like manual zoom.

One piece of advice though, HS camera is not real P&S camera so it needs some tweaking and a bit of learning curve before it can deliver great results.

Hope that helps and I am looking forward to results of whatever camera you will choose.

-=[ Joms ]=-

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