D4000 full frame entry level camera.

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Alan Brown
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There's no easyt answer to all of this..

Rich Rosen wrote:

i agree that an entry level camera belongs in an entry level forum. D600 belongs in an enthusiast's forum. But DP review has seen fit to categorize all FX cameras in one forum, but then chooses to put DX  pro cameras in that same forum. Makes no sense.

I have had S2 Pro, D200, D300, D700, And now have D7000 with D600. I see a common problem in all of the fora I have participated in.

example: The D7000 is a highly sophisticated beast in a 'consumer' sector. I stated early on that the D7000 should have been in the Pro DX forum; not because I felt it was Pro build, but because to understand it required more experience than the beginners liked. Forever complaining about overexposure and not wanting to learn how the metering was design to work. Focus point metering bias in matrix mode for example. You would have experienced people like Steve Bingham pointing this out relentlessly; often to no avail.

I fear the same with the D600. Entry level users with no practical operational experience with a sophisticated DSLr asking questions that belie this.

I'm certainly not an elitist.. (going from a D700 to D7000?... certainly not) If someone wants a certain level of camera he should be allowed into the group. However if someone wants to learn things in a more experienced group they need to listen and not argue from a point of little knowledge. I often hear technical discussion right here that I have little knowledge of so I keep my 'mouth shut' and listen to all sides, do some research myself if appropriate.

This doesn't happen very often with 'new to DSLr' members and it just gets the locals upset. Hence a 'place' that will let them grow more first is probably a good thing for all. No one goes to university and joins the last year of a five year course do they; It's not that they couldn't learn anything, but often can't talk on the same level.

Glad it's not my decision..

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