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RJ2057 wrote:

I am new to this forum,but not new to photography. I am out crafting pictures almost every day. Yes I live in Seattle. A great place to be an out door photographer. I joined this forum to gain information about how to better my craft, hobby and passion for photography. I decided to go with a 7D from the info gained from this forum. I have a 60D, was the 7D that much better ? Yes, Yes and Yes. Also right now you can buy a 7D for less than what I paid for my 60D. If your looking for a new camera upgrade. You just cannot go wrong with a 7D. Take the time to learn the camera and have fun.                                                                             R.J

Hi, I'm curious. As you mention that you are an outdoor photographer, in what functions do you find the 7D much much better than the 60D.

I have a 60D, and I do understand that the 7D AF could be very usefull in action and BIF photography; micro adjustment can be sometimes very handy for primes (for zooms I still have my doubts).

When I purchased my 60D, I compared it to the 7D; and for MY needs the 60D was the more logical solution. But I still like to read why other people chose the 7D instead of the 7D.

On my 60D I miss the micro adjustement for my primes, and on some rare occasions the better weather sealing.

Thanks in advance for replying.

Kind regards from Belgium

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