Why Canon need a new sensor with low read out noise

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Mikael Risedal
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Re: Why Canon need a new sensor with low read out noise

Mikael –

The poor horse is dead.  You and others have beaten it until all that remains is a bloody pulp in the middle of the road – an unrecognizable shadow of its former equine glory.

IMO, all these sorts of examples prove is that you can take two perfectly good cameras, apply the wrong photographic technique and produce a crummy photograph with each of them…  and all you are really arguing about is which one is uglier ;-).

If it were me, I would do a multi-shot blend of some sort, since both of these cameras appear to have insufficient DR for this scene.  If this were done properly, I am quite sure that the resulting images would be quite similar.  You toss 3 dB of SNR with each stop of shadow lift even with the Nikon.  If the cleanest, lowest noise shadows are what you are really after, then the HDR approach will win every time – with either camera, for any scenario that can support it (and this appears to be one of those).  There is a reason that both Nikon and Canon include the HDR feature – it was made for this scene.  I would love to see someone take a scene like this use good HDR technique and compare those where someone wasn't trying to prove one camera is better than the other but trying to see what was the best he could get out of each of them -- that would be a bit more telling IMO.

So did you get any good shots in Vietnam?

I disagree, it shows that you need to either go for the high lights or the middletones and clipp the high lights with the canon
Yes I got some good pictures from vietnam and also from kambodja and laos
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