Discoloured patches when printing B&W - LR4.4, 500D, Raw and JPG

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Cameron Leask New Member • Posts: 6
Discoloured patches when printing B&W - LR4.4, 500D, Raw and JPG

See attached image.

I'm processing in LR4.4. The image is a CR2 file taken on Canon 500D and processed into black and white and I'm printing to an HP B9180.

On the left you can see how the print turns out; on the right is how it looks on screen. Ignore the sepia tint that is apparent on the print version (it's just the WB of the camera I used to photograph the print).

My concern is the red discoloured patches in the child's eyes.

These appear in the prints but do not seem to appear on screen.

I have tried to print from JPG and from Raw, both show similar behaviour.

Inks are reasonably full and "proper HP" rather than 3rd party inks. Rest of the photo is similarly toned and no other patches are visible except around the eyes.

I thought perhaps there might be a problem with the darker inks in the printer but I can print other photos with very dark/black areas without problems - it seems to be just this image??

If anyone could offer some advice on what to try next I'd be very grateful!

Thanks in anticipation.


On the left is the printed version with discolouration in the eyes. On the right is what I can see on screen in Lightroom 4.4 and what I would like to be able to print!

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