Any thing wrong with using AF-C permanently?

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nfpotter wrote:

There is NOTHING wrong with being a sheep, coming here, reading a few posts, and adopting the "AF-ON" button technique.


For SOME of us, the position of the assignable button on cameras such as the D7K, D7100, etc., is in a physical position such that it causes you to hold the camera in an uncomfortable way.


I, for one, do not use AF-ON on my D7K for 2 reasons: it makes me hold the camera "funny", promoting a weak grip, that's the biggest reason (A WEAK GRIP IS 1000 TIMES WORSE THAN ANYTHING ELSE YOU COULD DO WITH A CAMERA); as well, it doesn't active VR on the D7K (solved in the newer cameras), and if you've ever tried to hand-hold a 500mm lens (750mm FF equiv.), you'll know why VR helps you nail initial focus.

So, don't be a sheep.  The AF-ON technique CERTAINLY has advantages (i LOVE it on my D300, with a dedicated button in a MUCH better position), but use what works best for you, not what you THINK you should do.

Just to understand what you are saying ... If one uses this AF-On technic with the D7000, none of the VR lenses will actually have the VR on at the time of pressing the shutter?  If so, is there another way to activate VR whilst using this technic?

VR always still works with the AF-ON technique:

There are two VR modes. Pre-exposure mode gives you a stabilized image in the view finder and is what you notice when some say " VR finished stabilization" This mode has nothing to do with the final captured exposure so no need to worry about letting it finish. When you go from half press to full press of the shutter release button, The VR mode changes. The VR element is re-centered and the VR algorithms change from "pre" to "during" exposure mode. This all happens during the time the mirror goes from down to up. Not sure how it works on non Nikon lens. When you press the shutter button to take the picture...VR engages and does it's thing regardless if you had it on during half-press.

There is actually an easy way to see that it's true. Using the self timer function it's easy to see the dif and confirm the 2 modes. Set your self timer for 5 seconds. Now using your VR lens at a shutter speed 1/4 to 1/10th the focal length set VR to "on"...hand held. Point at a good target with lettering or the like and press the shutter release and let go. You will hear the VR motor start and see it work in the viewfinder. A second or so later you will hear the VR motor stop and see VR stop working in the view finder (That was VR pre-exposure mode starting and stopping). In a few seconds (as the timer continues) the shutter will release and a picture will be taken. Note that VR was not engaged and had stopped prior to the shutter releasing. Now do the exact same thing with the VR set to "off". The same thing will happen but you'll not see VR start initially.

Now compare the photos. In the first case, when VR had stopped working before the timer ran out, the pictures are sharper than the VR "off" pictures. The reason is that the second "exposure mode" VR kicked in as the mirror rose and did it's thing....all without the image being stabilized first. With all my Nikon VR lenses, there is no need to engage "pre-exposure" VR mode for pictures to be just as blur free as the pics were you wait for VR to stabilize.

I had no idea there were basically 2 VR stages.  Thanks for explaining it so well.  One never stops learning  

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