New lenses with move to full frame?

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Re: New lenses with move to full frame?

I am reading that the new 16-35 and 24-70 are major improvements but I'm interested in additional opinions, especially with regard to better sharpness with enlargements.

I can't speak of the 24-70, because I don't have it. The reviews and tests are quite convincing, though.

With regards to the 16-35, the new version is better. I would say it is excellent for UWA people photography, but the corners are not stellar for landscapes.

Also about best choice for a wide angle. Moving to FF already makes the 24-70 a pretty good wide angle. I am wondering if the 16-35 or even the 17-40 is the best choice especially given the overlap with the 24-70 or whether the 14mm prime will yield sharper enlargements when i really want an ultrawide angle View. Another route would be the Zeiss 18 or 21 prime. I think I give up autofocus with zeiss but if they are as sharp or even sharper than either the zooms or the 14mm they might be the better choice.

The ZE21 is a step up from the 16-35II. You will see the biggest difference in the corners, where the zoom is not sharp. I use the Zeiss lenses on a 5D2 with a focusing screen designed for manual focusing. 5D3 does not have interchangeable focusing screens and the focusing can be a little bit more challenging.

Other Zeiss lenses worth considering for landscape are ZE 15/2.8 and ZE 25/2. The 18mm is the least popular from the Zeiss line up. Take a look at user reviews at to get better picture.

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