Difference between ACR Calibration and Colorchecker Passport

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Re: Difference between ACR Calibration and Colorchecker Passport

malch wrote:

I have Adobe made and X-Rite Passport made profiles for both of my camera.

They two types of profile are very similar (as they should be) but there are some significant differences. Not just in color either -- I see subtle differences in shadow and highlight detail too.

Generally speaking I prefer the X-Rite version.

Obviously, the best results will require correct color management settings on your software and a decent calibrated monitor.

However, the manner in which you shoot the color test target is absolutely critical. I took the time to:

* Place the target on a mid-grey background. I used the eye-dropper readings from that to confirm that illumination was perfectly even.

* Confirm the chart is parallel to the plane of the sensor.

* Shoot multiple exposures and select the best based on the RGB readings on the white patch.

So having white background is no good for that target because it would create uneven illumination. And that chart is possibly not parellel to the plane of sensor. And not having done any multi exposure. So thats the problem. If the illumination is uneven it would make it looks like some square are darker than the others and that would totally interfere with calibration.

So I can understand clearly what you explain what causes of problem to the accuracy of calibration since target should be lit even against grey background and parallel to the plane of sensor while taking multi exposure to pick the correct exposure to use for calibration.

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