Why Canon need a new sensor with low read out noise

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Re: Why Canon need a new sensor with low read out noise

ak1999 wrote:

dave_bass5 wrote:

Its becoming quite boring now.

We all know a better sensor would be, well, better. Why we have to have thread after thread about it is beyond me.

I find this there thread much more useful than the "I love Canon camera skin tone rendition".

A lot of posters have argued that high DR is not needed in "real world" photography and this is a good example to prove otherwise.

What this example shows is that two perfectly good cameras when combined with inappropriate photographic technique can each produce an unusable photograph. My idea of real world photography is to produce compelling artistic shots that force the viewer to stop and take a look, neither of these qualify -- sorry.

dave_bass is right, this poor, dead horse has been beaten to a bloody pulp.

I'm regretting selling my D800 now specially after getting my 24-70II for my Canon 5dMK3.

This combo in nowhere near performance I was getting with the Nikon equivalent.

Why did you sell the Nikon then?  It can't be that you regret not being able to make shots like the OP posted because that is easily achievable if you use the equipment correctly.

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